Saturday, January 14, 2006

Top Ten Matthew Commentaries

Bloggers seems to enjoy reading top ten lists, so a few blogs on my top ten commentaries on Matthew. My mind is still open on Wilkins (NIVAC), which seems promising and useful for pastors and teachers; and Nolland (NIGTC). I don't know enough French or German to comment accurately on Frankemolle, Gnilka, or Bonnard (although some swear by the latter two). France (NICNT) will be released shortly, and presumably so will the Matthew volume of the "Two Horizons" series and others. Word has it there is a place on the web that lists such upcoming volumes.


Blogger Jeremy Pierce said...

You might be referring to my forthcoming commentaries list.

What I heard is that France's NICNT on Matthew is a long way off because he didn't get the contract until a few years ago. It's jumped around quite a bit due to several people not working fast enough for Eerdmans. Since his Mark NIGTC took something like a decade, I heard people aren't anticipating this soon. Maybe you've heard something I haven't, though.

I do know that Ben Witherington's Smyth & Helwys commentary is due out this year sometime. Other forthcoming commentaries, some soon and others long off, include J.P. Meier (Anchor Bible), David Turner (one for Cornerstone and one for Baker Exegetical), Rick Beaton (Black's NT), Stanley Hauerwas (Brazos Theological), Jack Kinsbury (ECC), D.A. Carson (revised EBC), Craig Evans (New Cambridge), Clifton Black (New Testament Library), and Daniel Doriani (Reformed Expository Commentary). Grant Osborne is doing one for Zondervan, probably for the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series that they're launching soon. I've also heard about a Two Horizons one by David Graham, but the report I saw said it was due in 2000, which I know didn't happen. I haven't seen a Matthew listing for that series anywhere else, so it may have been reassigned.

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