Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mike Bird to Publish First Book

T&T Clark did themselves a favor by picking up the dissertation of
the prolific and insightful Mike Bird of my very own Highland Theological College. Congrats to Mike. There will be a fair bit of Matthew material, although the dissertation is "historical Jesus" in approach and focus. Among many points of interest, Mike interacts with Allison's interesting article, Dale C. Allison, “Who will Come from East and West? Observations on Matt. 8:11-12 – Luke 13:28-29,” IBS 11 (1989), 158-70. If I remember correctly, I think Mike argues against Allison, who reads the logion behind Mt 8:11-12 (against its present context) as return from dispersion.

The title of chapter four is particularly sweet, as Dr. Bird himself is nothing if not Gentile.


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