Wednesday, March 01, 2006

One-Liners on Matthew's Genealogy of Jesus

Light blogging ahead. Matt's genealogy of Jesus, the subject of my dissertation, has produced a remarkable body of scholarly literature, even a poem (Goulder, Midrash and Lection, 232; I don't fully agree with his reading but it's a great effort)! Here are a few of my favorite one-liners on Matthew’s genealogy:

“The genealogy has become a large figure of speech for Jesus’ messianic kingship.” Gundry 2nd ed., Matthew: A Commentary on His Handbook for a Mixed Church under Persecution, 15.

“By evoking important aspects of the story of Israel’s history the genealogy functions as a compressed retelling of the OT story.” Nolland, , 34.

Mauro Orsatti, in his short work on Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, Un Saggio di teologia della storia: Esegesi di Mt. 1, 1-17, trenchantly calls the genealogy something like the first fulfillment citation.

Much more where that came from, notably comments from Keener and NTW on the "story of Israel," and the literary role of the genealogy. Perhaps more in the future.


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