Friday, April 07, 2006

Around the Biblio-Blogosphere

Let's start at home--take the pop quiz on Paul below! Ben Witherington (among many others) goes off on the big Gospel of Judas craze; don't forget this airs on Natl Geog channel Sunday evening. James Crossley reports on the secular panel at SBL/AAR; his paper looks very interesting. And Mike Bird announces yet another publication, mostly a collection of previously published material.
Also online is the new JBL, with an article from a local scholar, Patrick Gray of Rhodes College (my alma mater), on presidential addresses; he notes that Muilenberg, Sandmel, and Schussler Fiorenza put out something of lasting value and influence, but that this isn't always the case; speaking of Case, I couldn't find Shirley Jackson Case's address (messianic consciousness, 1926 or '27) even mentioned on Google. Patrick did a good article on movies and the Bible in the classroom recently for SBL Forum. And good reviews of an interesting new work on early Jewish and Christian monotheism, a recent personal interest, are worth reading.


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