Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Sermon on the Mount
Scot McKnight
It’s always a beautiful thing when well-trained scholars turn a pastoral eye on Scripture. Over at, Scot McKnight has wrapped up his lengthy series of pericope-by-pericope reflections on the Sermon on the Mount and it is archived for all to see, beginning here and concluding here.

Although an expert in other areas of the NT, Scot has done great work on Matthew in the past; see “A Loyal Critic: Matthew’s Polemic with Judaism in Theological Perspective,” in Anti-Semitism and Early Christianity, ed. Craig A. Evans and D. A. Hagner (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1993). He’s not afraid to choose some uncommon interpretations, and in several places he records “hands in the air” entries (his hands are in the air at least temporarily, before they fly back to the keyboard, usually with a stroke of genius attached), which Scot uses to engage the minds of his wide-ranging readership. A great series from a model blog. Scot is also a great one to follow if you’re interested in learning the crafts of blogging and writing, principally because he seems more concerned with trying to follow Jesus than either of those two things.


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