Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bock Blog and other news

No, it's not about beer; Darrell Bock is blogging online (as noted by Mark D. Roberts and others). Looks like he's keeping his blogposts shorter than his Luke commentary. Good analysis of DaVinci Code but give us something else, something unique! (Like the updates on IBR activity!)

The US will be on the field tomorrow for their World Cup opener. The Czechs are a bit banged up, but they are loaded with talent. The US will have to play the game of their lives to win, although a draw would not be impossible. Biggest question is, will the midfield hustle and flow?

I will be in German class, but will be following on the webcast of the game.

Other observations: England looked tepid and less than thrilling despite their talent in the middle 3/4s of the field. Owen was ineffective and made me long for Rooney; I'm frankly not sure Sven knows how to use his midfield. Their defense is superb but they can't count on even one goal in every game, I'm afraid, on this evidence. Robben looked amazing for Holland, but he needs to get his team involved more--too many shots, I'm afraid. They need better teamwork in the final 1/3 of the field, imo.
I've been proud of our CONCACAF neighbors--Costa Rica nabbing goals against Deutschland; Trinidad with a miracle draw (=tie!) with Sweden; Mexico taking out Iran 'con fuerza'. All loads of fun.


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