Monday, June 12, 2006

What I want:

(1) The best anagram for 'Gospel of Matthew' or related phrases.

(2) More importantly, I'm interested in tracking down some good biblio on "Matthew as a reader of Mark'. Anyone have any of this? Not just standard redaction-critical stuff, which usually focuses on isolated changes; but attention to systematic change, especially if coupled with analysis or hypothetical discussion of the ways in which Matthew wasor might have been inspired by Mark. I think there's good ground for a hypothetical discussion on how Mark could have influenced or inspired Matthew in many areas, including:
cost of discipleship; use of Zechariah; narrative alignment of JnBapt with Jesus.

Mark's interest in geography viz. Matthew has been studied but perhaps less successfully. I've also seen some good stuff on Matt as an editor (tends to shorten Mark's wordier phrases). But I'd love to see more, perhaps even Matthew as wirkungsgeschichte of Mark, "Matthew and the Earliest Reception History of Mark."

(3) Match-fixing for this Saturday's game viz. Italy...

UPDATE: Turns out the Blogfather had something similar to say in a more comprehensive fashion on Matt as reader of Mark: "Redaction criticism tends not to allow sufficiently for the effect that a source gospel might have had on a given evangelist. What if Mark fundamentally altered Matthew's views? Gospels are works of propaganda or persuasion and were presumably designed to persuade others, yet we tend to imagine Matthew taking up an utterly critical stance to Mark as if his (Matthew's) views were all fully formed before he came across Mark. My view is that Mark has a profound and overwhelming effect on Matthew, changing and developing his thinking on all sorts of fronts." He goes on to cite Matt's use of Mk's John-as-Elijah portrayal.


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