Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Hebrew Matthew

A post on another site led me to ask this question--does anyone know where one could find the various texts of Hebrew Matthew, beyond the one in George Howard's book on the subject?

For those that don't know, there are several medieval Hebrew manuscripts of Matthew's Gospel. Differences from Greek texts have led some to posit that they are closer to the original Hebrew or Aramaic than the Greek; Eusebius's comments on Papias, who reported that Matthew was originally written in the Hebrew/Aramaic is sometimes cited as evidence to support this. This is of course disputed (Matthias...Ebraidi dialekta ta logia sunetaxeto doesn't have to mean "Hebrew language"; it could amount to something like "Hebrew style").

I think the strongest argument against an "original Hebrew" is Matt's use of Mark in Greek. I'd still love to know some sources for the relevant, if anyone has any, although I think it's more useful for wirkungsgeschicte than textual criticism, authorship, and origins.


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